Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dear Mr. Ross

I read another "open letter to Mr. Ross" and it prompted me - I want to add a few thoughts.

Look, I call you Cap'n Izzy Firepants, because I'm poking a little fun at the decisions you're making - particularly when you chose to pursue another head coach when you already (or still) had one; or when you decide to focus on having celebrity owners, or trying to get fans in seats (even if they don't give a hoot about the Dolphins).

But there's something more serious here.  Bill Parcells was a total waste of your money.  And you chose to simply let him walk away without a word.  As a fan, that sucked.  And he left behind his two "proteges" who have not done much thus far.  Tony is a decent guy. I would think he'd be a helluva coach.  But we haven't seen it much.  He's run first, and the mindset doesn't work in today's in NFL.

Meanwhile Jeff, IMHO, Jeff has had more misses than hits.  Where are the players make an impact?  Among draft picks we're at the league average of about 50% hit rate, but I think its inflated by the "youth movement" we've seen.  The free agents haven't hit or haven't stuck, so they keep more younger players.  And as I just said the vets just don't work out here.  Maybe we're targeting the wrong ones?

One thing I've noticed: whenever it comes down to selecting a player, Jeff will ALWAYS go back to a player the Cowboys organization studied/drafted/etc.  And that tells me that he's trusting the judgement of the Cowboys personnel group with old info, rather than his own/this personnel staff's judgement.  Which tells me that he is having issues with his judgement.

And so we have a team with no rudder, and poor judgement.

I've been a fan all my life, and live in town.  I have been trying to get my kids interested in the Fins, but they have told me "why would I root for them?  They suck!."  One became a Colts fan, the other enjoys watching good games and players that are on his fantasy roster.  I've asked their friends, and there are relatively few Dolphins fans among them.  And that means - quite simply - that the next generation is not being brought up as fans.  

So, Mr. Ross, you need to figure out how to get these kids engaged, because in a few years, they'll be the prime audience you'll be trying to attract.

Charging $50 a ticket and $25 for parking, plus concessions that are, frankly, a rip-off, is NOT the answer when the team is bad.  Charging $250 to go into the nightclub is also NOT the answer.  So what is?  I'm not even sure that winning is the answer after a decade of being mediocre in a city with so many things to do.  But it wouldn't hurt. 

But I'd start here: stop being so freakin' secretive!  The "one voice" nonsense, when you have the loudest mouth in the NFL in NY, is silly.  And the whole filming of a practice flap that happened during training camp didn't help matters.  Just get past that.  We have a new world, with social networking, twitter, and other opportunities to be vocal.  And everything is so one-dimensional.  When players do talk, they're boring!  Let them be themselves.  Football is supposed to be about fun, isn't it?

Well, that's my two cents for now.
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