Thursday, October 06, 2011

A crazy thought

Let me start by saying I am not big on conspiracy theories, and I doubt that a football coach and GM would conspire...BUT....

As I look back over the train wreck that is this season, I keep going back to that fateful day when Stephen Ross called up Jeff Ireland and said "Jeff, I want you to fly out to northern California to meet me..." and the two went and "talked with" Jim Harbaugh about joining the Dolphins.  Ireland, at least on the surface, was friends with Tony - or at least had to have an amicable working relationship with him.  And this HAD to be awkward.

Meanwhile Tony finds out about it, while he's still employed.  It had to be awkward for him, too.

But here is the imaginative (and to be fair PURELY SPECULATIVE) part of the story.  What if Tony, and maybe Jeff, decided that they would turn the tables and stick it to the owner?  What if they just said "screw this, lets show him by simply making things implode!" 

It would certainly explain some of the behaviors, some of the personnel decisions, and some of the coaching issues we've seen surface.

Alternatively, what if Sparano simply said "ahhh, whatever, I'm just gonna dog it this year" without malice or anything, and just didn't push anyone, barely practicing, and generally just "giving up" - that, too, would explain a lot, wouldn't it?

Now wouldn't we have an ENORMOUS laugh if any of this turned out to be true??!!
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If they did that, they would never have another job in the NFL. Or football for that matter.

The coaches, personnel people, and players are all playing for their next football gig. Whether it be with the Dolphins or elsewhere.

None of them will be "sucking for Luck".


You're right, naturally. It was truly a crazy, way out thought. But I wanted to throw it on the table. :)


What if Ross wasn't trying to hire Harbaugh - what if he wanted to find out if Luck as for real - Ross has been promising a return to offense - maybe this year is the price he pays to get there, he did tighten the purse strings in free agency


Storm's comment makes more sense with the way Ross has already shown he does business. I hope not though. I'm a big WIN NOW guy but in the grande scheme of things I'm just an annually disappointed fan!


Storm - good call. Of course, its possible that Ross' intentions were not at all as they appeared.

My problem with it in that case is that he could have totally downplayed it and deflected all the talk about Harbaugh. Instead, he let it go (though I suppose he did say he never offered Harbaugh a contract, so its part of the way there).

I *wish* we would make an effort to win now - but Sage Rosenfels? What about making a play for Carson Palmer?


Carson Palmer would cost us picks. Not worth it IMO. He hasn't been the same since the injury.

Plus we need the picks. Our talent isn't what we thought it was.

Shouldn't have let Tuna shop for the groceries.


Worth thinking about and not out of the realm of possibility. When it comes to running a football team, sadly, Ross is clearly an idiot. It's not the type of business model he excels in.


No, it just a simple matter that Tony has lost the team and Jeff isn't the personnel guy I had hoped he would be. Bring in the next two stiff and let's hope they work out.