Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A couple of quick hits about Cowher

Might I remind everyone that while he preaches tough, disciplined football, he is still an "old school" guy who is run-first.  Its all about smash-mouth football.  And of course, he never had a great QB in his stable.  There were a lot of caretaker types.  And that suggests to me, that we might be seeing more of the same style of football we've grown to .... uhhhh.... love? .... over the last 4 years.  

And while he was a good head coach, record wise, it took him 9 years to assemble his championship team (though he was there one other time).

We've seen in the past that "retreads" don't usually succeed, and a guy who's been out of football for 5 years may not have the same edge.  Certainly the game has changed, and not necessarily to his style.

On a related note, wouldn't it be sadly amusing if Cap'n Izzy Firepants decided to hire Cowher, and forgot the little detail of interviewing minority candidates?  Wouldn't he look silly?  Or sillier?
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In the years of the Super Bowl era there have been over 500 head coaches in the NFL. Making the chances of a HC getting to any SB less than 1% and even less if you factor in winning it. At that rate Bill Bellichek will never see the SB again.

I'll take my chances with any coach that has been to SB over the ones that have never sniffed the grass.