Wednesday, October 26, 2011

another mis-step?

Putting aside for a moment that I don't think Cowher should be the next head coach - this report that Ross' people have spoken with Cowher's people is ridiculous.  

And here's why: you still have a coach.  End of story.

Assuming its true, did Ross learn nothing from his off-season flirtation with Jim Harbaugh?  You can't talk with another coach until after you've fired this one.  Now I know its a fait compleat that he will be fired, but this is just wrong, and insensitive.  And frankly, who would want to work for a guy that operates this way?

Oh, and on a related note, during the off-season shenanigans I made an allusion to this being like a relationship, that Tony was like a jilted girlfriend, and I wondered how he would respond,  It appears as though we have our answer.  Even if its not top-of-mind, he had to know (as do/did the players) that he was a 1-year coach.  He is coaching like one.

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