Saturday, September 03, 2011

The unkindest of cuts

I was reading up on the cuts that took place yesterday and today. I guess I wasn't too surprised by most of them.

But a couple were at least a little surprising. Will Allen was surely a goner, based on his salary, in spite of some decent play. And when Larry Johnson essentially showed nothing in his two weeks, it seemed clear he wouldn't make it. Lousaka Polite not playing pretty much at all in the preseason was a good indicator of his future. Because, you know, you don't need a guy who can consistently get you 1-2 yards when you need it.

Lyndon Murtha landed on IR. Frankly, I never heard he was injured. Sparano called him the most versatile lineman, and planned to have him backup both tackles.

And then there was this subtlety: if there was competition between two players and one was a draft pick during this regime's tenure, and one was another guy, the draft pick made it. Even if the other guy played better. So guys like Spitler, Odrick, and even Gates made the team when they showed little and were 3rd team or lower for some part of the preseason.

I'm still concerned about the o-line, and maybe more so now that they lost some depth. And running back is still a problem for me. I don't like going in with a rookie who has been called out, a flashy guy who hasn't played a full season (but is very good), and a reserve at running back.

But I guess we'll see how it actually shapes up in a little over a week.
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