Monday, September 19, 2011

Two more Sparano comments

Tony touched on some different subjects when he spoke with us on Saturday. I wanted to hilight two other topics:

A. He was talking about henne's leadership during the lockout because Chad had and knew the playbook so the players would all come to him since they couldn't come to the coaches. I'm still a bit dubious about how this might have worked. After all there was only a period of a couple of days where coaches had access to players. Maybe he could get the playbook, but I highly doubt he "learned it" without daboll doing some tutoring

And B. He talked about his relationship with Ireland and how they go about finding players: essentially he goes to Ireland with a need and Ireland finds a player or perhaps players that fit the bill and they go from there. So Tony doesn't generally get to pick the player, that's up to jeff. And if this team is lacking in the talent department, then that falls on jeff.

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Like him or not, Tony will most likely be gone after two more losses by the Bye. Jeff on the other hand, I think we're stuck with him...