Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ticket sales

Season ticket sales have plummeted for the Fins. Consider this (number of season tickets, rounded):

2006: 61,000
2007: 55,000
2008: 46,000
2009: 49,000
2010: 51,000
and this year, its around 41,000

So 61,000 is the highest total (other than the slightly inflated totals) from 192-1974.

And the 41,000 is the lowest - ever.

But the trend has been downward since, basically, Dave left. I have to believe there's a combination of things going on. Ticket prices versus the economy is certainly a factor. But there is also this trend of mediocre performance, coupled with them always being on TV.

Now with the possibility of blackouts, the only way you'll be able to catch your phins is by going in person. And that's much less expensive than the Dolphins offerings: I just looked at stubhub, and found tickets to all of the games readily available. And some you can pick up now for as little as $18. Why would you buy season tickets in that case?
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Oh, and by the way, a while ago in a previous post, I said the Dolphins had turned a bunch of non-paying season ticket holders over to a collection agency.

A friend of mine made a great point about this: if they had purchased a license in the club level, they should be subject to whatever penalty is appropriate in their agreement - but certainly "collections" should not be at the top of the list.

And if they didn't have a seat license, why wouldn't the dolphins simply keep the "down payment" as a penalty, and simply put the tickets back on the market. That's a lot easier from the PR standpoint, doncha think?