Sunday, September 18, 2011

Interesting perspective

Saturday night, Tony Sparano spoke to a small group of us, and took a few questions.  I asked about the Wildcat - clearly with the change of OC and the loss of Ronnie, it would seem to be on hiatus.  

Sparano gave a thoughtful answer: essentially he didn't see the need for it now.  When he first rolled it out he didn't have a lot of talent, and he wanted to find a way to get both Ricky and Ronnie on the field with a chance to get the ball in their hands.  And now there's more talent, and therefore not the need.

And here's where this gets interesting.  Yes, the Dolphins are now employing a more aggressive offense, and there would generally seem to be more talent now than there was 3 years ago.  But is it better?  After today's game, I'm not sold.  There is probably more overall talent, but I am not seeing better players.  And certainly, there are some opportunities (to use a euphamism).  

Oh and by the way, they did run a wildcat-esque play today with an unbalanced line, and a pull into that line with a handoff to Thomas.  Chad was still the QB, so maybe it fits the personnel package better - but maybe they need more of that and not less of it?
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There may be more talent, but it's not good compared to other teams. Our alpha receiver is inconsistent, our QB seems more now like an effective backup, the running back situation - who the hell knows, the TE is mediocre, the offensive line is offensive (even Long is not playing up to his standards), and the defense...what defense?

I gave up watching at the 2 min warning. Went outside w/my father-in-law and son to enjoy some fresh air...