Sunday, September 25, 2011


There were a fair number of good games on Sunday - evenly matched teams playing games that featured some quick scores and that were fun to watch. And then there was the Dolphins "game"....sure it was a close affair, but ending 17-16 with the pitiful play by both teams actively trying to give the game away? If you happen to live outside of Miami or Cleveland and don't have DirecTV, be thankful.

Given the offensive performance, Miami would have been blown out by a good team. In a word, they stunk, and couldn't beat my grandmother. And on defense, the ONLY reason it stayed close was because Colt [edit: McCoy] had a really tough first half - don't kid yourself and think Miami was good on defense. They weren't.

Okay, so I had Tivo'd the game and started watching about two hours in. I did the old "fast forwarding through the cover-your-eyes-awful parts" and made it to the third quarter, before I had to leave for a couple of hours. And so I stopped watching and came back to it later. And it was such an odd feeling because I was totally apathetic. I felt no emotion, and though I was curious about who won, I didn't feel any angst in not seeing it.

Funny thing: Dan Lebatard had an article in today's paper about how a loss would propel most fans into the realm of tuning it out - I was already there.

Anyway, as far the game itself, the Phins allowed, I dunno, 7 sacks in the game, and I think they failed to get to Brennan (or at least that's how it felt). Colombo looked bad. Carey and his replacement Jerry looked bad. Pouncey whiffed a few times. And Jake Long? Wow, he is a shell of himself. They should give him more time to rehab - he is not doing much out there....

Nolan Carroll started for the injured Vontae Davis. And once again, Sparano should have cut him during the game. His performance was a-trow-shus. It was freakin' unbelievable. Jason Taylor was only noticeable when he went offsides, and Cameron Wake was invisible. Does Miami even have linebackers on the roster?

And of course, they had trouble scoring in the redzone. There were too many penalties.

The last series for Miami on defense summed up the kind of day they were having (allowed a TD on it). And the last series on offense pretty much summed up the season: Miami got the ball near midfield due to a celebration penalty and a horse-collar tackle. They needed maybe 10 yards to be in Carpenter's range.

And so they went incomplete deep pass, incomplete deep pass, short pass, interception. The playcalls left me perplexed, except that maybe they were trying to give Henne a chance to win it - y'know put the ball in his hands and win it all in one play. But it just shows what I have been saying for a while now - he is NOT going to win you a game himself!

I felt bad in a way. Not because they lost, but because late I was, well, I was actually rooting against the Dolphins. Not that I wanted them to lose, just that I felt like my point during this entire offseason was missed by readers, and it validates what I have been saying all along. This team did not get any better, in fact I would argue they got worse.

Oh and by the way, here's something I have been thinking about: as you look around the league, many QBs have been looking good. Scoring has been up. There's a lot of passing yardage being racked up. And over time, I think you'll see defenses catch up (its not uncommon for offenses to be ahead in the preseason, and this year with the lockout, it makes sense it would happen during the first few weeks of the season). And as it relates to the Fins, Chad Henne looked decent early on, but, its clear that he's not as good as his stats would have you believe.

So the dolphins are 0-3, and at this point, I would say this season is a total waste. Why? Because it seems clear to me that there will be a house cleaning this offseason. And so the flirting Cap'n Izzy did in nearly firing the Booting Bull (Sparano) and then keeping him just delayed the inevitable.

A bad season - with no upside - appears to be the storyline. If he had replaced Sparano, at least we'd be building under a new coach. Instead, we're just left to wonder who the next coach will be, whether Ireland will survive, and if the Dolphins will take Luck with the first overall pick.

Its just so.....stupid.
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