Saturday, September 10, 2011

Even when they get it right, they still bungle it

At least a little.

Shame on H Wayne for his treatment of dolphin history. "Losing" an 11 foot tall statue of Joe Robbie during renovations and then essentially forgetting about it for 5 years is pretty remarkable.

And then for Stephen Ross to also ignore history until Mike Dee stumbled onto it in a storage shed is kind of sad.

So props to the fins for taking it out of storage and putting it on display in the Joe Robbie plaza. Maybe this will start the exorcism this team desperately needs.

But here's my problem with it. They pull it out, tell the media, and say "we are honoring our past." But they also tell us it will be part of the pregame celebration Monday night. Along with the 9/11 tribute.

I'm sorry. Those things simply don't go together. I'm glad to see each of these actions, but how about remembering Joe Robbie at another time?

It just becomes another example of how the fins just can't to celebrate and embrace their own past cohesively.
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I thought they kind of bungled it by trying to pass off this unlikely story of just happening to find the statue days before they were going to honor Robbie. I still think they should go one step further and restore the name of the stadium to include Robbie's name.


Absolutely agree with elton1111, the stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie needs to be renamed to Joe Robbie Stadium...simple...