Monday, September 12, 2011

An elite QB will make your team....

So Brady gets 500+ yards in a game. And most of the night he was simply standing back there like a statue, scanning the field before throwing. There was poise and composure, and that an elite QB makes.

Then you look over at the Colts. Without Peyton Manning, they looked like an average team (at best).

How about Aaron Rodgers? Or Drew Brees? Or any one of numerous other guys.

Miami could have had Rodgers back when he was drafted, or Brees a couple of times. They could have taken Matt Ryan. But instead they stuck with pretty good. Chad Henne - I don't think - will never get beyond that stage. He may be serviceable. He may wind up winning some games. But he'll never be elite.

And I don't see why the fins "leadership" hasn't made much of an effort to get someone, anyone, who they think might be that guy over all these years...its so frustrating....
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