Monday, September 12, 2011

The crowd at the Stadium

It looked to me like it was maybe 60/40 Dolphins fans. So what gives? As Mike Dee learned when he was with the Red Sox, Boston fans are passionate. They show win or lose, as a sense of pride, purpose, or whatever. Mike's job was to ensure that there was hype to keep the fans interested.

Here its not so easy. Fans are fair-weathered. Fans don't have deep pockets. But then its cheaper to buy tickets to a fins game than a patriots game, and tickets are plentiful. So you see lots of opposing fans in the stadium. They make a trip to florida to enjoy seeing their team play.

And so there is no home crowd. And no home field advantage. Sparano pumped in crowd noise to the bubble before a home game. How laughable. And then went on to say he wished there were more 1pm games to get back that advantage. Like that's gonna make a difference (it won't).
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The way they played at night with the humidity (I'm guessing it was humid I wasn't there) how does Sparano think they'll play at 1PM, in the sun and humidity? It was embarrassing as a fan to see our team as unconditioned as they were. On TV is was so evident, I'm curious how much more it was to watch it live.