Monday, September 19, 2011


At one point in the 4th, Henne ran the ball.  He lowered his shoulder to try and get extra yardage, and got hit on one side by a safety, but took a hit on the head from a linebacker.  Henne crumpled to the ground, and sat there for a few moments before standing up and "shaking it off."
And that's all well and good, except that the NFL has vowed to take a stronger stand on concussions and possible concussions.  By definition, the QB going down with a blow to the head should have been checked for a concussion, and if there were any symptoms, he should not have been able to return to that game - and then the protocol would need to be followed on a timetable for return.
Henne didn't leave the game.  I didn't see him get checked.  And I didn't hear any talk about it in the last day.  There certainly should be talk about it, because the object is to reduce the long-term effects on blows to the head.
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