Sunday, September 18, 2011

Club LIV

Included with our ticket to the game this week was an admission to
club LIV, at any point.

Now let me back up a little. It was a freakin' hot day. The seats we
had were in the corner that stayed in the sun the longest, so we chose
to step inside the club level for nearly all of the second and third
quarters and simply watched the game on TV. What an odd way to watch
a game at the stadium. But you know what was odder? The sheer number
of people doing the same thing!

But I wanted to see club LIV, so I set out on a quest. The view is an
endzone view, but is in the shade if you elect to sit in the seats.
You can hang out at a lower, small bar, or head upstairs to the
club.....and its ENORMOUS. The club itself stretches pretty much
across the west endzone, on the second level of suites. There are
"cabanas" for hanging out (for a fee), some comfy chairs, lots of TVs,
some rails to stand at and catch part of the game, and a bar that
literally stretches across the entire space. But I noted there was
not a price listed anywhere. I suppose if you can afford it, it
doesn't matter.

There's music playing that's loud enough to be heard, but its not
overwhelming. The beat keeps going, and there are all kinds of
lighted features that blink in time with the music. But the main
attraction is the pretty people. There was a cornucopia of
exceptionally beautiful women milling about - looking to be seen. And
frankly, that was enough to make a few of us NEVER want to leave.

So it was very much like a South Beach club. At the stadium. Which
was such a weird combination, that I can't quite get my head around
it. I mean club=good thing. Football=good thing. But their
intersection just doesn't make sense to me.

Now on the other hand, we can look at this as part of the Dolphins
exercise to maximize their profit, and certainly this can be
profitable. And giving me (and the other web guys) access to the club
does create a buzz. So I suppose their goal was reached.

But the starting price of admission is, ahem, cough, cough, $200. Per
person. Per game.

Who has that kind of money to do this regularly? Sure, maybe J Lo or
the Kardashians show up there. But that's a lot of dinero.

So....I enjoyed going in and, lets call it "people watching"....but I
won't be back (unless someone wants to send me!)

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I was in Club LIV today as well and, aside from the "scenery," that is my personal hell. I don't understand why the team is marketing to bring people to the stadium who don't care about the game. I take that back - I understand exactly why. At least, though, they have a gathering place for these people now, rather than putting them in the stands to distract the rest of us. Personally, like you, it was cool to see but I will never go back (even for free).