Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Changing tides

I read some quotes from a couple of players this week along the lines of "we still believe in Sparano." And then there was a quote from JT that said the team needs to practice harder and one from Bush who said something like the team needs to do more offensively (coupled with a veiled need for more practice).

And those got me to thinking about how players really perceive Sparano. An insider tipped me off to the fact that more than a few players are totally aware of the offseason shenanigans around their coach, and thought he was a 1 year coach. Essentially meaning that it was a win ... Or else scenario.

And so at 0-3 I asked if that meant players were ready to give up on Sparano. Silence followed by a company line about being professional speaks volumes.

I would not be surprised to see the tides turn soon. It's an easy leap to just giving up on the coach.

Oh and by the way Ross made a comment this week that Sparano wasn't "keeping up his end of the bargain" whatever the heck that means. Think players don't pay attention to the lack of confidence by the owner?
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