Sunday, September 18, 2011

And then there was this game that was played....

Miami was 0-5 lifetime against the Texans.  They have been 1-11 over their last 12 home games.  The weather was unbelievable, and the Texans were in their dark blue uniforms.  Sparano wanted that homefield advantage, and it would almost seem like he got it.  And all of these things - one might think - would lead to a victory.  But you would be sorely mistaken, disappointed, and generally annoyed with the outcome.

Miami got pushed around by Mario Williams when the Fins were on offense.  And Andre Johnson - who might be the best receiver in football right now (and certainly is one of the top 5!) - just dismantled the Dolphins defense.  It was hard to watch at times, even though Miami stayed in it until very late.

The good: Really, except for 2 early drives, Miami's defense played well enough to win it.  They really kept the Fins in the game.  JT and Wake each got a sack.  Henne looked moderately confident.  Hartline and Marshall made some nice grabs. Donald Thomas had a nice day rushing.  Oh and I got a chance to meet Desmond Howard and chat with him before the game - that was pretty cool.

The bad: Miami (again) couldn't score when it still mattered.  They missed two field goals.  Offensive line play was suspect at times.  The Dolphins gave each season ticket holder a free additional seat to this game. WTF?  The stands were maybe half full.  Its hard to put all the blame on Henne for the picks (he was hit both times), but at the end of the day, he delivered the ball to the opponent.

The ugly: there were still too many penalties.  To wit: Miami got a first down + a face mask.  And they line up with 12 men in the huddle on the next play.  Then, there was this silly thing they did late: its 4th and 1 and Miami is down by a score.  They line up with the hard count, move people around, and try to draw the Texans offsides.  And then they call a timeout, and punt it.  You have a power run game that's working.  Heck use a quick count or a QB sneak.  Or even do something that catches your opponent off-guard.  Miami, naturally, allowed a score on that series to end it.  Jake Long once again was having issues.  I daresay he's not quite right.  And Vontae Davis left his second game in a row - this time with a hamstring pull.  So Nolan Carroll got picked on again.
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