Monday, August 08, 2011

Wanker hall of fame? Naturally!

ESPN was talking about likely candidates for next year's hall of fame class.  Bill Parcells is eligible.  As they discussed him, they were saying "he won TWO superbowls while with Giants."

And that was quite the feat, and I would have agreed that *should have* put him in the hall.  Until he came to Miami and utterly destroyed his reputation, his legacy, and his credibility.  

The guy is nothing short of an, well, an ass hole.

But I have no doubt that the selection committee will conveniently forget about the few years he spent here.  After all, his tenure was forgettable!

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Bill who?

Putting that piece-of-crap in the Hall does a dis-service to other coaching members such as Shula, Noll, both of which actually accomplished more than just win two of super bowls.