Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Utter nonsense

I was personally amused when I heard Chad Henne got booed at practice, and I found it funny that some of the fans started a chant of "we want Orton."  

Whether they were right or wrong in anyone's opinion doesn't matter, the fact is that the fans were expressing a general sentiment that something has got to give in this organization. Call it frustration with futility, with the lockout, with the NFL, or whatever.  They felt the need to be vocal.

And I wasn't going to even comment on it.  

But, then I heard Tony Sparano say something, and the national media picked it up.  Basically he said he didn't like hearing negative things, and it "sickened" him. 

You know what that means?  Those fans got under his skin.  And if they got to him now after 7 days, just imagine what it will be like when things go south for this team.  If they are sitting at say 4-4, and maybe not playing well, the chants will be worse.  And the fans will know it bothers him, so they'll do it more.  

Oh man, I actually find myself feeling for the guy because he just opened the door to more fan reactions....

And frankly, that's the kind of thing I expect to hear from a coach with a limited tenure. 
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The fans that are staying away in droves are saying WAY more than some boos and chants.

These clowns are clueless.....


That is a great point.

No telling when fans come back to this team.


The fans have every right to boo, jeer, hiss, or say whatever they want short of defaming, in my opinion.

If anyone knows, I'm curious to find out if the group of chanters were younger or older folks.