Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two things that stick in my craw

1. The dolphins had a group of "a couple of hundred" season ticket holders who missed a payment deadline. So they turned them over to a collection agency. Only they tried to sell it as a relationship company. Right. I'm not saying fans shouldn't pay or own up to their obligations. It's just that it makes for a PR nightmare.

And 2. This mini spygate thing where fans took a video of practice and posted it online. The team is taking a stance that it's about maintaining a competitive advantage. At a practice that's open to the public. So they're stepping up enforcement. It's a stupid rule and makes no sense. Other than the fact the fins make no money on the deal.
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Why do you even follow the team? I have never seen anything positive out of you. You come across like an old lady complaining at a buffet. Maybe you should go to a different team, one that matches your "high football IQ."


This is still *my* team, and I want them to get things right.

But pretty much everyone else who blogs about this team takes the optimistic viewpoint. I just can't do that anymore. Not with the knuckleheads in charge of this team. So, I am providing the more pessimistic view until something changes.

I'm thinking this will be another waste of a season, ending at around 6-10 and the coach (and possibly GM) being shown the door.

Meanwhile the owner and CEO are trying to build a fanbase by actively chasing people away and alienating the paying customers.

When does the madness stop?

Now, look, I'll eat crow if I'm wrong. And I would much prefer to be positive and hope they win it all. It just seems unlikely.

Old lady at the buffet. I like it. Thanks for sharing that!!!



Dave doesn't need anyone coming to his defense, but I will say that I appreciate his point-of-view. I love the phins, but certain things they've done that make me scratch my head. Frankly, if it weren't for this blog post, I doubt I would have learned of this latest snafu.


Jose', both of these snafu's were part of the lead on NFL network and ESPN. My point is this, all he does is point out the negative, never the positive. Has the team been good the last couple of years no, but this blog just seems to point all the of the bad, even the name, Bitchin' Dave... Negative from the start.


For the record "bitchin dave" is not a reflection of who I am or what I do. If you've followed my site over the years, you'd understand that I used to be positive like everyone else, but with a humorous twist on things.

As for the name itself, as I say on "I do bitch about things....sometimes. But, the name actually takes roots in an article Comedy Magician Penn Jillette (of Penn & Teller) wrote for PC Computing back in 1990. The article was called "Trash It" (but was called "Go Ahead. Dominate Your Pristine PC." in the title that appeared in the magazine). He basically noted that most people left their PCs exactly as they came out of the box. There was no personalization on them. I took that to heart, and put a skull and crossbones decal on mine, and later when I was running Norton Desktop for Windows 3.11, I called the shell name "Dave's Bitchin' PC" so that appeared on the screen. An idea was born, and I started Dave's Bitchin' Enterprises, and carried it along through each endeavor - and each PC - I have worked with since."

The name was catchy and people remember me by it. When I talk to anyone - team people, former players, whatnot - they all immediately know who I am. There are a LOT of Dave's out there. I think there are 4 that run dolphin blogs other than me.

Jose, thanks for the kind words. These snafus were avoidable, and didn't need to make huge headlines, and that's kinda my point. Can you imagine this happening under Shula? Or JJ for that matter?