Monday, August 08, 2011

Time to move on

I felt bad when channing crowder got cut. And I felt weird when I heard he worked out for the patriots. I kinda hope he doesn't play there, but if he does, for some reason I see it as forgiveable.

Then, yesterday I heard Rex Ryans comments about Shaun Ellis. Basically he said "you moved to a division opponent. I'm not wishing you well". I respected that.

And that got me to thinking about JT and his deal with the jets. I still think it was wrong for him to go there. But I'm going to let it go.

Instead, I turn my annoyance to the management and ownership of this team because they should have said "screw you. You go to a division opponent, you'll never be back!"

They need to stand up and be emotional. To tell us something as fans other than "we are pleased to draft only offensive lineman" and letting parcells back a brinks truck up to the training facility.

As fans we have to realize that players will be transient. We are going to have to alter our loyalties. I still love the dolphins, but I want to see crowder succeed wherever he goes. Or Ronnie in Philly. Or Ricky in Baltimore.

But the ownership and management shouldn't be so quick to forgive.
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