Wednesday, August 03, 2011

sure, okay

Vernon Carey was asked to take a pay cut and move to guard.  He agreed.

And that means that Mike Pouncey is the defacto center, and that's where's he's been practicing so far.

There are goods and bads with that.  I suppose for me, its the WTF?  factor since the 15th overall pick was used on a center.  That doesn't happen very often - on a tackle, sure.  But on a center?
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I'm confused. What does Carey, a guard, have to do with Pouncey, a center?


Incognito already was in one guard spot. Carey moving forced Pouncey to play center.


Pouncy was drafted to play center, Carey's move hasn't changed that fact.

Of course if they sign O'hara....


You are right that Ireland did say that the Dolphins drafted him as likely a center. But I think many experts (myself included, though you can leave off the "expert") assumed that was rhetoric, and he'd be playing guard.

A center at #15 is a stretch. But whatever. To quote Nick "It is what it is"


Ok, makes a little more sense now. I took Ireland at his word when he drafted pounce as a center.

That being said i disagree that a #15 pick on a HOF offensive lineman is "reaching". Especially when it was a position of need. There was quite a bit of catawailing when they drafted Long with the #1 a couple of years ago? How's that working out so far?

A lot better than trading up to the 4th pick and picking Vernon Gholston, No?

Before anyone accuses me of smoking crack, I'm just pointing out that if Pouncey can play for the next 12 years, and makes the HOF, a #15 will be a steal. What pick is another Dwight Stevenson worth?

Not saying it's going to happen, just saying it COULD happen.