Thursday, August 25, 2011

Running backs

The Dolphins seemed to be somewhat satisfied with the idea of the "thunder and lightning" approach they had taken with the backs.  Daniel Thomas was going to be the workhorse, and Reggie Bush was going to be the flashy speedster,   And you still had Lousaka Polite for the short yardage plays.  Plus, you had the stable of young guys behind them.

Nevermind that they got rid of two solid rushers, or that they let go of one of Sparano's favorites (Patrick Cobbs).

Then, we see them play in week 1.  Bush is out, Thomas goes for about 1.25 yards per carry.  Then, its week 2.  Thomas is at 4.3 yards, and Bush is at 6.  But there was a troubling series down near the goal line.  It went to Thomas twice, and then to Hilliard twice, all from the 1.  Thomas never really got close, Hilliard took a fair amount of effort to get in on his second try.

But my question was: where was Polite?  Isn't he supposed to be the guy who can get you a yard?  He hasn't had a carry in the preseason, so I figure he won't be around this year (my two cents), and so they're not using him.

Then, the team does something, ummm, unexpected, and signs Larry Johnson to a contract.  Larry Johnson?  He hasn't played much in a couple of seasons, so you have to wonder why they didn't maybe keep Ricky or something.  And does that mean they're not really happy with the younger guys they have?
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