Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Preseason game 1

I didn't post specifically about the game but let me give you a couple of quick thoughts:

• Miami's first teamers against atlantas first teamers didn't look so great, but hey Atlanta is a well established offense and you had to expect with limited practice, they'd be ahead of Miami.
• Miamis scrubs against Atlantas scrubs looked good, which gives me an indication that there is consistent depth on Miamis team. I'll take that as a good thing for now.
• mike Pouncey looked like he's going to be good.
• I loved what I saw in Livas and hope he continues to shine in preseason. Score one for the kittle guys at 5-7 and 175 pounds!!!
• I was glad to see daboll/Sparano throw us a bone and throw deep a few times.

And for those of you wondering wheres Dave? Because this post isn't negative, he's on vacation. Well, that's true, but actually the reason is that it's only the first preseason game. At this point, you're just trying to get a fe for the team. There's no point in pointing out specific "opportunities"
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