Monday, August 01, 2011

The JT "saga"

Looks like our dear friend JT may sign a contract with the fins.

If you've kept up with my site you know that I became a hater as soon as he signed with the jets. And he does not deserve to wear a dolphins jersey again. Now. Or ever.

But how low has this organization sunk? They didn't want him and wouldn't return his calls last season. And this season they actually bring him back? Is that to somehow make the fanbase seem all warm and fuzzy? I doubt it's based on talent because he is clearly well past his prime.

And the fans are eating up. So I guess their idea can be considered a success?

We didn't address our needs, but look. JT is back. Yipee.
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This is officially, in my opinion, the lowest point in Dolphins history. You bring back a guy who left (regardless of the circumstances) and signed with the most hated rival and now returns for exactly what reason? Is he upgrading the defense in any shape or manner? I think not. I hope I'm proven wrong, but I don't think I'll be.

Somebody, anybody, tell me why this is a good signing? Heck, tell me why in the world did they do it? I think the first doubt in the GM is now seeping into my mind...


This is a good thing.

First of all, the key to why JT is back this year is that Parcells is not here. Parcells didn't want JT. JT also doesn't like Parcells very much. Who knows if Sparano and Ireland would have brought JT back last year if they hadn't still been underneath Parcells.

Secondly, I do not consider JT a traitor. The Dolphins refused to sign him last year. He would have been a traitor if he declined the Dolphins' offer in favor of the Jets'. But the Dolphins would not have him. At that point, having no other options, he entertained other offers. The Jets were the only ones to immediately step up with one.

JT's choice in 2010 was not a choice between offers from the Dolphins, from the Jets, and from a third team. In fact, his choices were only to play for the Jets, or wait for another offer that may or may not be coming at all. I hate the fact he played for the Jets, but I don't consider him a traitor.

Thirdly, no this is not an impact signing like Kyle Orton would be. But it IS an upgrade. He is being signed as a backup linebacker. JT is certainly better than any backup linebacker we currently have. He's better on the field, and he has the added bonus of helping to teach the young linebackers we have. He's essentially replacing Quentin Moses. JT is an upgrade over Quentin Moses.