Sunday, August 07, 2011

It was a scrimmage after all...

There was that basketball player (whose name escapes me) who famously went on about missing a practice "Practice?!"

And that's kind of how I feel about intra-squad scrimmages.  They don't give you much, but they always give you a warm and fuzzy because pretty much everyone plays well.

And so it was with the Dolphins on Sunday.  All week, we heard about how this defense was top-notch.  Mike Nolan is a genius.  They're deep at every position.  Their aim is to be the #1 defense, and believe in themselves.

And on Sunday?  The offense "won," scoring a plethora of touchdowns, and Chad Henne looked great, and Marshall and Bush looked great. 

In three words: its all just talk.

Sure it amps up the crowd to see some scoring, and Henne looking good.  But it means ABSOLUTELY nothing.

Wait until you see (or in my case, hear about!) what they do in their first preseason game.  We'll know much more at that point.
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