Monday, August 29, 2011

Gator appreciation day??!!

Nay Moore suggested to the dolphins management that they celebrate the second anniversary of the gators national championship that was won in the orange bowl (aka Joe Robbie stadium).

And they agreed. So october 23rd is the date, as the fins take on Tim Tebow and the broncos. The fins will be flying in a bunch of players and Urban Meyer.

Among incredibly dumb ideas, this ranks up there. The hurricanes play in the stadium, and pay rent there. The dolphins don't have any gators on their team (or at least that come to mind). And 2nd anniversary?

Oh man, they'll do anything to draw a crowd regardless of whether they are dolphins fans.
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"The dolphins don't have any gators on their team"
How about Mike Pouncey?


yeah, I had a brain fart. I thought about him after I posted. :)