Monday, August 08, 2011

A freakin' disaster

Fans -myself included- are clamoring for something from this team.  The Dolphins haven't won a playoff game in this century.  They've been pretty awful most of the time.  They've been through 4 head coaches and 3 entirely renewed rosters in that time (essentially since Dave). And yet it feels like they're running in mud.

And that brings me back to Bill Parcells.  Kudos to H Wayne for getting him and making the effort.  Jeers to Stevie for letting him walk away without a word.

So, there a couple of thoughts I had on this topic.  As I've noted many times, the Falcons tried to lure Parcells there and he rebuffed them, to come here instead.  The Falcons are in much, much, MUCH better shape.  Some of you argued with me that the Falcons started off with a better roster.  But with 4 years worth of churn, I think that argument is pretty much moot now.  There has been enough time to "rebuild" but it never happened. 

And then there's the Carl Peterson factor.  Carl's a friend of Stevie's, and a lot of you were wary of him coming here and "ruining this franchise, like he did the Chiefs."  But I would argue that his time with the Chiefs wasn't that bad.  He was there for 20 years and (according to Wikipedia) "The Chiefs were the NFL's winningest team in the 1990s, won four AFC West championships, and played in the team's only AFC Championship Game in January 1994. Over Peterson's 20 years, the Chiefs' record was 176-141-1 and qualified for the NFL playoffs nine times."

Hmmmm. Sounds like (a) he was committed, and (b) he actually brought some winning attitude to the team.  Two things Parcells did not do.  In fact, I would argue that what Parcells did here was far worse than what Peterson did to the Chiefs. 

So we lost out there, too.  In retrospect, I would MUCH RATHER have had Carl Peterson running this franchise with a modicum of dignity!

But we are we is.  All I can hope for is something better.  Maybe it happens mysteriously with the team we have, and if not, we're years more away in rebuilding...

Oh how I long for the Don Shula days....

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I am so sick of going to my Phins news wire just to see jackasses bitch and moan about what could have been. They haven't won it all since I was 9 yet I have a new found optimism each year. Maybe it's the negative karma being spewed by you constant naysayers that keeps us down. Shut up and enjoy the possibilities.

By the way, Shula didn't win any for Dan, either.


I agree with rick. Tired of all the pissing and whinning. Its all so negative and getting old. I dont know how you can think we got worse from last year.

I mean come on. How many years would it take you to rebuild a team from a 1-15 team? How many seasons does a rookie qb need before you know if he has it or doesnt? Less then 2? Thats what fans are giving Henne.


BTW we were a bad call away from one of the worst officiating games ive ever seen from not having a losing record for the 2nd time in 3 years after a 1-15 season. Our team is not as horrible as the "suck for luck" fans even come close to thinking we are. Its as if we have had 3 x 1-15 seasons in a row when i read these boards and elsewhere. Sucks


I agree! I am SOOOOOO freaking tired of these whinning idiots that think the grass is always greener on the other side. Where are the fan sites? I hate the freakin bitching ALL the time!!!! Go Dolphins!!!


call a spade a spade....

we were 7-9 and 7-9 last two season and SHOULD have lost the Minnesota game and probably the Jets game too, so it evens out losing the Pitt game we should have won. Bottom line, we pretty much sucked. 1-7 at home.

Hade we not had the easist schedule in the league in 2008, we would have probably been 6-10 in 2008.

Its time to deliver or get off the .... this team is stuck in neutral.

I think they go 6-10 this year with an even tougher schedule and pretty predictable schemes.


I agree. Enough whining! Shula was great, but then again he kept and supported the Fin Fan's nemesis, Tom Olivaditti and his "prevent a win" defense, so how smart was he? If we had a Mike Nolan kind of guy then, we probably would have won a SB for Dan.


Agree with Rick & others. Another thing I would like to put out to all the negative so-called fans; if you are so unhappy, pick another team that you can be excited about! Do the REAL FANS a favor! We all think we know better than the FO & HC, but there are many franchises that have done WORSE then us since Dan left. I perennial playoff contender is hard to build and easy to split up. I'm convinced we will be a better team this year regardless of our record. Last year I agree was difficult to watch. This year I believe you will absolutely see a positive difference. I for one hope Henne has his best year ever and shows all you "know it alls" that being a good NFL QB takes alot more opportunity & coaching than Chad has received. Go Fins!!!!!!