Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crowders comments

I find unwritten rules amusing. Oh sure I get don't criticize your team mates. But where did don't criticize your firmer team mates come from?

Crowder spoke his mind which is what he does. At least one of the other fan sites chastised crowder for it, and suggested that crowder quit on the team and Ireland and that's worse. Except that crowder was cut as a "salary cap casualty" - and yet the dolphins are still far enough under the cap where they could have kept him. So it wasn't up to him, and he wasn't returning anytime soon.

So what did crowder say? That he didn't think Henne was a great leader or a top flight qb. We've heard that from a lot of people haven't we? A lot of us have said that. Heck even the turd bill parcells said essentially that when he left. And btw crowder said he knows he'll look dumb if Henne does good things this year and gets it together.

And he also said that he didn't like Ireland and his approach to things. Lots of players don't care for the gm of the team or the ownership. Some say it. Most don't.

When crowder said that he and Ireland didn't see eye to eye on crowder's radio show last season and fined crowder often for his comments, that made a lot of sense to me. As I said before, all of the players who had radio shows or otherwise weren't robots talking to the media or fan groups are gone.

Now where I can see the naysayers point is in crowder's assertion that he may return next season. That seems sour grapeish and self-serving. He'll have time to spend tine with his wife and child, sure, but is he silently saying that he thinks the dolphins will make a change at gm? He'll be a year older, so what changed?
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Crowder has always been a free spirit. It makes sense that he would not like a management team (GM and HC) that run an organization that seeks to hamper such a personality.

I don't have an issue with Crowder saying what he did. But I have to wonder if he would have still made the comments if he wasn't angling for a future TV gig.