Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Channing Crowder

I find his retirement intriguing.  See the thing is, he's a very smart guy who likes to toy with people, joke around, and play down his intelligence with stories that make him sound otherwise.

And here's what we know:
His loyalty runs deep, and he loves Miami.  
His dad played here.  
His mom lives here.  
He's married and has a little one on the way.  
He made more than 11 mil (by my guesstimate) in his few years here, and he doesn't need the money. (how long would it take you or I to make 11 mil doing our jobs? - at 50k a year, it would take 220 years!)
And its also possible the "nagging injury" that has sidelined him a few times in recent years is a concern.

So when he says he doesn't want to see himself in another uniform, I accept that.  He wants to turn to broadcasting.  He did a show on a local station last season and he was funny and knowledgeable.  That's a good combination, and I'd listen.

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