Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bucs game

There are those who are saying "my doubts about Chad Henne are going away" this morning.  And yes, he had a decent statistical night.  And yes, he did have a nice completion to Marshall that Brandon turned into a nice TD (much like we had seen in Denver the year before).  But, it was a singular nice play with no major mistakes in the rest of his play, and a total of 10 points for Henne.  To me, its not quite enough to say my doubts are going away.  But it was a decent showing against a good team.  So, there's at least hope.

As for the rest of the offense?  Yuck.  Donald Thomas did next-to-nothing, and Reggie Bush did nothing (he had 1 yard!). While you could say the o-line might get better when Jake Long returns, what I saw from the center on to the right (ie, not Long's side) concerned me a lot.  They were manhandled, and that needs to get better - especially considering the time, effort, and energy the Phins put into the line this (and every) offseason.  Opponents will find ways to overstack that side if they remain at this level.

There were still too many penalties too.  There needs to be more discipline.  Yeah, its preseason, and there were no OTAs or anything like that to find a rhythm.  So, that will probably come with time.  

On defense, they played a good game early on.  But, I would argue (as would Freeman) that Josh Freeman's play had as much to do with the defense's success.  Still, there were a couple of nice plays, and some oh-so-close-to-being turnovers in the game.  I still think this is the strength of Miami's team.

Ultimately, the Phins lost, of course, because the one good play does not a game make.  But whatever, the score doesn't matter.  At least they have something to build on, and it doesn't look "hopeless"....
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