Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weird o Rama

I read about the dolphins selling jets gear at the team store. And I had to get me a jt jets jersey. Or not. 

As luck would have it, I had to go to the stadium to get marlins tickets. 

On the way over I was listening to Gino Torettas show and he was railing about it. 

I got there and a lady was changing out some of the merchandise. There was a lot of dolphins gear, some marlins stuff, and an empty rack. But no jets gear. 

So I left and listened to Gino on the way back. He called the store and they said they were selling off whatever they had at 50% off but wouldn't come on air. He sent over an intern and when he got there they had just put out a bunch of stuff from various teams - it was a mishmash and it was all marked down. 

Nobody would answer his his questions other than to say they were trying to get rid of it. 

Gino then called the team stores for the patriots and jets and asked if they had ever or would ever sell any dolphins (or other teams) merchandise. They emphatically said no. 

How weird is that?  I guess they stand for nothing?  Or maybe this was a parcels idea?

A caller suggested that this was the only way the dolphins might make money since the team is do bad. 

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The Jets Jersey could have been used as toilet paper......

How much do they cost?


Mike Dee said in a statement that they were changing the policy and would no longer sell opponents merchandise.

Lets see 50% off of $30 is still... too much!


I guess I will stick with the traditional TP then.....