Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something I don't like about the new CBA...

Reportedly, both sides agreed that there would be a 4-year window to free agency.  No more "tags"other than one franchise tag,  And of course they agreed on a new salary cap.

As a fan, I suspect that this will lead to more transiency.  The players at the top will have their big paydays, while the players at the bottom will simply move around as they look for more money.  And the players in the middle will always be in search of a bigger payday, or in danger of becoming a low-end player.

I think for a lot of players, the rivalry aspect will go away.  It will be more common to see a player bolt from the Dolphins to the Patriots or Jets without a thought of them being a rival.  

And if you're a fan who likes jerseys you'll be shelling out that $100 more frequently as players leave the team. More player movement means that we won't see as many players play their careers for a team. 

We'll see.
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The only jersey I own is an old Marino jersey which I don't hardly wear anymore - I keep it as a momento. In the current day and age and from what looks to be coming I probably won't be getting a new one anytime soon.

I guess I won't blame the players for it, they just want what any of us would want - a bigger paycheck - it's America so I can't fault that. As a fan, I'll focus on rooting for my team and not get so fixated on players.

(Not to dredge up a past post, but, maybe when a future JT leaves the team to play for a hated rival it won't be such a big deal...time will tell.)