Friday, July 29, 2011


Currently on the Dolphins depth chart, the QB position looks like this:
Chad Henne
Tom Brandstater
Pat Devlin (R)

And with all the big names off the market, it looks like what I said is likely to be true: Henne is your starter, and the Fins will not bring in anyone to compete with him.**  Now its down to finding a decent backup.  There are about 30 QBs currently available in free agency.  Most make you yawn when you see the names, so get ready to see a name like Jake Delhomme as the backup.  

Now as for the **, I am going to give some credit to Ireland for reportedly trying to get an upgrade in Orton.  Given the circumstances, and how Orton came in and opened training camp with the Broncos, I have to wonder if there was less to this story than reporters made it out to be.  Perhaps Miami inquired.  Perhaps they got permission to talk contract parameters with his agent.  But I suspect there wasn't much more to it than that.  Rumors are a funny thing. and "blowback" (where one person reports on something, and everyone picks it up and reports on it as the truth) happens a lot in these situations. 

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