Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Paul Soliai issue

I read Armando's article about Paul Soliai, and thought it was worth commenting on it: I told you when they put the franchise tag on Soliai it was a mistake.  They didn't have to do it, with a lockout looming, and there being restrictions after the league year end.  It was unlikely he would sign elsewhere in a short span of time - and with a limited resume it would have seemed a longshot for him to get a top-dollar deal with any team, anyway.

But tag him they did.  And now he's "owed" 10% of the team's salary cap - so those other 52ish (not sure if they expanded the roster) players get the rest.  Or they could sign him to a long-term deal, but he'll have to be well compensated, having been tagged.

And frankly neither they, I, nor you know if he's worthy of that kind of money.  Maybe he will, but who knows?

So, we heard recently that the Dolphins may be $20 million or so under the cap.  Take away this $12 and they only have another $8 to spend.  Ya ain't getting any big-names with that, since the rules are spelled out about how the money can be used (whereas before you could play a shell game).

Given that, it seems to me this is just another in a long line of mis-steps with the furious enigma (Ireland).
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I disagree, they have had plenty of time to decide what they want to do with Paul, he is a very good player and it would be better to retain him than to have a chance of losing him.

It will be resolved.


They can give him a long term deal with incentives to provide the security he wants with the motivation he needs. This could also free up enough cap room for both QB and RB needs. I want williams and either Orton or Young.


I want to re-iterate that the Dolphins will NOT pursue a big-name QB. However, I do think they'll get a quality RB.

As for Soliai, he is a heck of a player, but there wasn't a need to throw the franchise tag on him.


BTW, I am honestly not sure with the new CBA if you can create a contract that has long-term incentives that frees up space. The rules of the cap became much more stringent to try and ensure that the owners don't play games, and players get paid. We'll see, I suppose.