Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Orton sweepstakes

I know the fan base is in a frenzy over Kyle Orton.  He's the next coming of....I dunno....Gus Frerrote?  And that's just my point.  

While he had a big year in Denver two years ago when he and Brandon Marshall teamed up, he hasn't been "all that" otherwise.  He came to the Bears, and had trouble beating out Rex Grossman, and then holding onto the job.  He was demoted to third string - twice.  An aging Brian Griese was ahead of him.  A Chris Leak (who is now out of the NFL) was ahead of him.  He had some good games and Lovie Smith hoped to keep him around, but the GM traded him AND a #1 pick for Jay Cutler.  

His career stats read like this: he is 32-30 as a starter.  He has a 79.6 QB rating, and has thrown for 12,774 yards with 71 TDs and 48 interceptions. 

Those are not the world's greatest numbers.  Adequate?  Yes.  Good?  Not so much.  I'd love nothing more than to see him succeed here (assuming he comes), but I'm not sure if that's a huge upgrade over Henne.   But we, as fans, want the team to make great strides so we look at that and HOPE it works out.

I'm just not convinced, and hope the team doesn't give up too much to get him...but I will say I'm wrong and it looks like the fins will trade for a QB, who is likely an upgrade over Henne.
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