Sunday, July 10, 2011

My take

This week, its been a lot of rhetoric that would make one believe a deal is imminent.  I heard one analyst suggest that they may have a deal ironed out by next Friday.

I'm still not convinced.  The judge's final ruling - tossing out the lifting of the lockout and giving the owners the upper hand - certainly would seem to suggest that they need to come to an agreement sooner rather that later.

The mediators set a new date for a negotiation day for July 19th.  The reason they did that?  Because the players have expressed some reservations in working with the owners now that they've lost some bargaining power.  

And remember, too, that the players still have their anit-trust case pending, with a new hearing date in August.  So they could drag their feet until July 19th, and then continue to "negotiate" until their trial date - or they could decide that any agreement they come to would be contingent on the outcome of the other case.

Hey who the heck knows?  All we know is that they are out of time.  With the first training camp tentatively scheduled for July 22, and all the rest within 10 days after, I can't see how they could possibly have anything resembling free agency, followed by enough workouts to be in shape to play games before the end of August.
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