Thursday, July 21, 2011

May you live in interesting times

As I understand it, the owners have not voted on the CBA yet today, and may not.

The players have also said they will not vote on it today.

So, there goes the prospect of them opening up camps starting tomorrow, and I would argue that they will lose at least one, and maybe two, preseason weeks, including the Hall of Fame game.

At the forefront today are a few "minor" issues that likely will become major ones.  Isn't that always the way?

And a very specific issue around the NFL PA as a trade association as opposed to a union.  The owners want the players to vote for recertification, thus exempting them from anti-trust cases, class action suits, and the like.  It would also ensure there is uniformity among the rules in place for each NFL team (otherwise a team could penalize a player for something that another team might not; and that would undoubtedly create more work for lawyers).

The players say they might move to recertify, but that they would like to move slowly, meaning weeks, not days - to show the world that the decertification was not a sham as the owners claimed (this is important because in the next round of negotiations in a decade, it *will* come up).  Or they might choose to remain a trade association.  If they do choose to recertify, the owners will not open training camp until that happens.  If they don't....who knows? 

So the optimism we felt a day or so ago may be replaced by some more waiting.  And remember that the judge still needs to close the legal cases, and the mediator needs to approve the agreement.  So we're still days away, methinks.
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Okay, so the owners took a dinner break then reconvened and voted. It was 31-0 in favor of the agreement. Incidentally, the Raiders abstained, which is in keeping with Al Davis' nature...

So that's the first half. Now its up to the union, and it looks like they may vote on it tonight. Maybe.

There's still talk about re-certification.

And the league officially cancelled the hall of fame game.

At the moment, training camps would open August 1st.


More thoughts: D Smith said "its not a done deal" and wanted to talk it over with the players some more.

The owners gave the players until Tuesday to accept the offer....or else....I have no idea what.

The owners want to get in the full schedule, and are pushing hard to get there....but remember what I said previously: the players don't care about the preseason.