Saturday, July 30, 2011

Let me see if I understand...

The dolphins finished 7-9 and 30th in offense. RB play was good. Receiver play was okay. TE was a gap. O-line was up and down. QB play was bad.

So they replaced the coordinator with a guy who was on team worse than the fins. They drafted for lineman and running back and picked up a guy in Bush who has been up and down but is oft injured but definitely has talent.

They left the receivers and tight ends alone. The TE situation is puzzling but you can only fill so many holes I suppose.

And then QB. They didn't find an upgrade. Rather they got a guy who only had a few wins and twice as many picks as TDs.

In summary, they didn't address their true needs and instead replaced parts that were working, and bought a box of band-aids.

I was kind of hoping for a bit of a wow factor here as training camp started. Instead it was mire if a yawn...
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Preach on brother.

I am still holding out hope that they will get some help at TE (Zach Miler please). Also, I am worried about the Center position as well. You have to have at least a good center to have great line play. It is nice knowing that Richie Incognito can be a pretty good backup. Also, we still need another running back (still wishing for Bradshaw but not at huge money). Don't even get me started when it comes to the QB position. Although Matt More is not a terrible pickup as a backup. I am a pretty disappointed Dolphins fan right now.


So your saying you don't like the addition of Burnett and would rather have Crowder? You clearly have no clue when it comes to salary cap, FA demands on compensation etc. Its still early yet, we have gotten another week till next Thur before things start cooling down and then cuts after preseason so chill out and enjoy if you call yourself a true Dolphins fan.


Jaxphin - Given what I have seen from Crowder and Burnett today, I would say it is not an upgrade. Now the business of football being what it is, I do *understand* the move. But I still believe the defense will be "worse off" without Crowder.

When Crowder was becoming a free agent a season ago, and they renegotiated - knowing that there was a lockout coming and there could be potential trouble with the cap - I can fault management for not thinking this through.

You're right, there's still time. But at the moment, I don't like where they are as a team.

Once again a team in their division (this time the Pats) are playing fantasy football while the fins are still trying to figure out how to put together a decent team.


Hey nice art work at the top of the page! What is this website? I have an iGoogle home page that brings up the most current dolphin news from the Herald, SunSentinel, etc... and then this website comes up as well. No offense but it's like I'm reading opinions from a another dimension or something. It also seems to always be negative (hence the "bithchin" part of the title, I guess).

Should I not be assuming that these articles are based on well informed opinions like the other news sites? Or should I just enjoy the bizzaro outlandish speculation? Honestly, come on be straight what is this all about? What are your sources? Anyway, hats off to you for at least attempting something like this.

Go Bizzarophins!


Dave, you lack objectivity! They did address a lot through the DRAFT and FA. They have added what was a huge issue last year. SPEED!

They also have improved the talent around Henne.

And the best thing is we do have a new OC.

And they still are working on deals neither you nor I am aware of so sit back take a chill pill and send me my preseason tickets...

My glass is half full yours is half empty…