Friday, July 29, 2011

I don't get that

The Patriots are usually a team that values team over "me," a team that will go out on a limb for a guy once in a while - but its a limited risk.  And for whatever reason, it works out.

And this week they signed Chad Ochocinco, which kind of fits.  He can run his mouth, but can play.  I imagine Bellicheat will get him to behave like Moss did. 

But they also signed Albert Haynesworth, which is puzzling on many levels.  The patsies ostensibly run a 3-4 (though they are not tied to that and will mix formations and players up at times).  They have Vince Willfork who is a beast in the middle. And Hayneworth doesn't play NT in any case - he complained loudly about that last season.  And so far he has been completely about "me" - in fact last offseason, he told Mike Shannahan that he would do whatever the team needed - and apparently that was just so he could come in and get a bonus.  Then he proceeded to take that money and underperform, some would say intentionally.

And lest we forget, he's the guy who famously stomped on someone's neck, as you may recall.  

Here's to hoping that it all blows up on dear Bill, and the Patriots finally get a dose of reality.
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