Sunday, July 17, 2011

I do love watching football..

Like many of you, I love football.  I couldn't get enough it, and would have watched it year-round.  And at various times, it was more-or-less possible.  We've had the USFL, the World League, the XFL, and even Arena Football.  I even used to go and watch a local semi-pro team play.  And I've generally enjoyed them as they started and stopped at times that had them play year-round.

But over the years, I developed a sort of distaste for mediocre football.  I want competitive games.  I want games with some purpose.  I want to see the starters playing as much as they can.

These other leagues don't fill that need.  And the preseason is useless.  The last few years, I would watch maybe a quarter of any nationally televised game, and a little more than that of the dolphins.  But I found it to be more of a drudge than fun, and saw my viewing decline somewhat naturally.

More recently, with the absence of these other leagues, and the NFL (and college) having large gaps in time with nothing filling it, I strayed from football.  I always liked hockey, and started watching their playoffs more intently.  I've been watching more soccer - believe it or not it is a *GREAT* sport (never thought I'd say that!)... And growing up I loathed baseball, but over the last few years, I've taken an interest in the MLB, and in particular, the Marlins.  There's a fair amount of "fun" in their games.  The players are somewhat approachable.  And the games are affordable for an outing. 

And this year, given the lockout, these other games have kind of filled the need for "sport."  

I still want good football.  I will watch big college matchups, or NFL games that strike my fancy.  But I am being truthful when I say I won't watch the preseason.  I'd rather catch a baseball or soccer game that might be on.  Really.

That's not to say I won't read about the dolphins game, since the reporters HAVE to be there.  And I will watch the hilights on sportscenter or wherever.  But that's about it.  I just can't bring myself to do it.

But to be fair, the last couple of seasons, my kids have gotten free tickets to a dolphins preseason game for some reason or another, and I've found myself at a game with a couple of dads and a bunch of kids.  If they came home and asked if they could go I would at least consider it - not for the game but for the fun aspect of being out there with my kids and hanging with a couple of friends.
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I can help you out with that Dave...Forward any tickes you don't want (Preseason too) to me.



LOL. Okay, well said.



I truly do understand your frustration. Just don't agree. I am hooked on the NFL....