Friday, July 29, 2011

How do you like them apples?

I went on record as saying that the Dolphins wouldn't get someone Chad Henne would have to look over his shoulder at, much less trade for one.  The Dolphins tried to prove me wrong, and made at least an effort to get a guy in Kyle Orton.  But when that didn't work out, they signed Matt Moore.  To which most of you are saying "who?"

Of course, Stephen Ross threw his coach and GM under the bus and said that they really, oughta, maybe, like win now, you know (or else?) and added that he has "full confidence" in Henne.  He went on to say that he sees Henne as a leader because he organized practices and such.  Now I have to laugh because he certainly couldn't have contact with players until earlier this week, so how does he *know* this?  Heck I'm more likely to know, and my understanding is that it wasn't Henne who brought them together, but rather Jake Long.  

And then there's the simple fact that the NFL has changed.  Passing has become more important than running.  You have to be able to get the ball down the field. Defenses have gotten faster and bigger, so its hard to run - you must use a short passing game, with the occasional long pass to keep defenses off balance.  But apparently our coaches didn't get that memo.  And as a friend of mine - who happens to be a Pats fan - said to me this morning "I guess with Bush the Dolphins are going to be in the Wildcat all the time now?"  

Sigh.  It might be a long year.  But Andrew Luck may be in our future.

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Stupid Pats fan. Bush is more of an outside runner, and split out to WR type player. I don't think he has thrown a pass in the NFL or college. He is more in the Josh Cribbs and Ricky Williams mold for the wildcat.


Bitchin' post BTW! :)