Sunday, July 17, 2011

A couple of followup items

The NFL and players want to wrap up all of their legal cases (including anti-trust) by Monday, and submit their proposed CBA to the various judges and mediator on Monday, prior to it being ratified.  And then ratify it on Thursday.  And the union would re-certify itself.

They will give teams an exclusive 72-hour period to re-sign their own free-agents that would run Friday-Sunday.  Training camps would open next Monday...

So why would the players agree?  Because essentially they got everything they wanted: a little under 50% of the gross profits, unfettered free agency, a salary floor (meaning teams have to spend approximately 90% of the cap), as well as greatly reduced mini-camps and workouts, the elimination of "2-a-days" (two practices a day during training camp), and the elimination of contact in almost every practice.

The owners feel the deal is more fair, because they have a harder salary cap (meaning there will be less funny business, keeping the playing field level), coupled with 50% of the gross profits, out of which comes some money for the stadium improvements.  And they got their rookie wage scale, so Cam Newton will not get $60 million in guarantees - he'll get a more modest sum and if he works out, then great, otherwise, the team is not on the hook for ungodly sums of money.

There's no word on the 18-game schedule at this point.

But, there are still a couple of potential snags.  There are a few lesser items that they will meet with the mediator about on Monday.  And the retired players group will not agree to settle any of their suits, and still don't feel they are being recognized or represented.  Carl Eller's group (the one that joined the anti-trust suit) will go ahead with a lawsuit that will be heard a day or two after the first preseason "game."  He's not looking to undo the deal, but wants his fair share - meaning he wants to undo the deal...
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