Thursday, July 14, 2011

And now what? Dave edition

The lockout *may* be nearing an end. And that means that it's nearly time for football.

The question is where does that leave bitchin Dave?

Dave is not generally happy with the agreement because it does nothing to curb the runaway greed. In a sluggish economy, the NFL has done nothing to try and help things. Rather they argued about how to split up their enormous sums of money.

And I'm really not happy with the state of the dolphins - and I'm not ready to review that topic right now.

So...for me, I think it's time to take stand. I AM going to watch games this football season, and I'm still a fan of the dolphins. But I think I will watch whatever game happens to strike my fancy each week. Maybe it will be the fins, and maybe not.

I'll keep tabs on the fins and report on what I see and hear. And I'll poke fun at the team that will be making a run at the first overall draft pick whenever I feel like it. And I'll give them credit when it's due. I can be fair. :)

Also: I refuse to buy any NFL merchandise, I will rethink my buying habits as I see the advertisers, and I will not purchase tickets to a game.

That's how I will show the NFL how I feel. They get $0 from me, but I will watch their product. So there.
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Even though I'm not local anymore (I live in Central FL) I'll pretty much do the same. It's sadly hilarious to see the wrangling between owners and players when there are still people doing all they can to make ends meet. Yeah, I'll watch the game (I'd be lying if I said I didn't) but unless I'm doing the watching on TV - I won't be seeing any games.