Saturday, July 30, 2011

And let the hate mail begin

Every so often, I get asked, essentially, WTF? when it comes to my posts and my opinion.

And every so often, I choose to talk about it, and that's usually when I can safely predict that I'll get hate mail: you're not a real fan, you're an idiot, you're a 10 year old, you're in your mother's basement, bizarrophins (love that one, thanks!), and my personal favorite "quite obviously insane."

So here's the deal: I am a dolphins fan. I have been for all of my life. I followed them religiously until the early 2000s, and was so in tune with the team that I could sit and predict what plays they would call given any situation on both offense and defense. Later, I actually wrote a program to do that: I charted plays and refined my system over the course of a couple of seasons. I knew them as well as they knew themselves.

I live in South Florida, so I sometimes would run into players around town. I got to know a few at least a little. I've met a few more recently. And over time, I met a few coaches and people in the NFL. They will sometimes throw me a bone on the condition I don't give away my source. So I do usually have facts on my side.

Now as for my opinion. Well, my site has been around for over 17 years. The first, I dunno, 12 were a fun look at the team. I was upbeat and positive, and the word "bitchin" was totally a tongue-in-cheek joke. I didn't generally bitch about the team.

But over the last 5ish years, things have taken a turn for the bizarre. I know most of the other guys who run websites choose to remain positive, and upbeat, and are genuinely hoping for the best.

But I gave up on that. I was tired of always stating "hey its okay, they did x and it will work out because...." This team has lost its way, and I decided to call them out for what I feel are the wrong moves. How can I say its okay when Dave gets a contract extension for essentially underperforming, when Nicky lies, when Cam "fails forward fast" and when Parcells undermines the success of the team? And the owner makes the team the laughing stock just after the season ends?

And now, here we are with a team in a new era that still is looking for answers. With the roster changes, we're at over 95% roster turnover since Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano took over. Are they better now? Who knows? But simply changing some of the parts doesn't inspire confidence in me.

I've been saying since before Dan Marino retired that they need a QB. But coach after coach has ignored the position. And while this regime made an attempt with Henne, I still say he is NOT the answer and this team is still going nowhere.

And I will continue to say so. Controversial? Of course. But I'm nothing if not contrite. If I'm wrong, I will eat crow.

So there you go.
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You are quite obviously insane! :)

Because you are a Dolfan.

Keep up the good work,
The Dolphins Ranter


Ok ok, so you a passionate Dolphins fan I get it. To be honest guys like you and bottlenose get my blood boiling at times. After JJ left, the team hasn't been the same. Will there ever be another Dan Marino, no there will not. I'm a die hard Dolphins fan here in Jacksonville, but also an LSU fan as well. So good old Nicky screwed me twice. I still am shaking my head over the training staff telling Nick that Drew Brees shoulder will never be the same. I was never a big Daunte fan and new that was a mistake when we signed him.

Cam total garbage as a HC
The Parcells/Sporano/Ireland team- Growing up I always admired Parcells and was a big believer in his philosophy of building from the inside out. Of course like everything else in this world ie technology, people evolve and offer new dynamics.

Parcells has really set up back with his drafts, was never a big fan of Henne when he was at Mich. Bringing Henning on as OC I was skeptical of; Pennington put the whole team on his shoulders in yr 1; do we have that kind of leadership now- no we don't. Will guys like Grigsby, and Livas stick I hope so they have amazing spped. There are a lot of questions naturally; but its to early to judge when its so early in the game when we don't even have out roster set.

Like Ross said, no excuses Sporano has to win its put up or dont let the door hit ya in the ^&*^^ time.