Saturday, June 11, 2011

weekly update

No progress in the labor deal. But we hear that the trade association and some owners were a little peeved at the end-run that a few owners and players attempted last week in the secret meeting. Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith had dinner one night to hash through that apparently...

There are reports from the Sentinel that about 20 players - all on offense - have been meeting regularly near the team facility and "working out"... and of course they're talking about the playbook they never got. Its all meaningless, unless and until this becomes a formalized session with an actual playbook.

There was a charity golf tournament where players and coaches both attended and were allowed to mingle - with the understanding that they couldn't talk football.

Afterward, here were Sparano's comments:
The most important thing to come out of this thing is that people get a good buzz about the Miami Dolphins and about football again. I know that right now out there people are unsure, but eventually it's going to happen, we're going to get back out there on the field. This thing is going to get going and we're going our players back in our building and the Miami Dolphins are going to get back in that stadium again against the New England Patriots" for their Sept. 12 opener.

I know you're caught in the middle, but a buzz about the Dolphins? Really?
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Didn't sparano already say that a few players did get playbooks that needed them? Its obvious Hennes got the most information.


To say that they got the playbook is probably overstating it, because Daboll didn't have time to create a comprehensive document before the lockout. So I suspect he gave a few guys a sort of primer, or outline, of the playbook...

...but here's where the competitive nature comes out: they are highly protective of their playbooks and wouldn't have given one to Ricky or Ronnie since they (presumably) will be free agents, and coaches want to maintain the edge. They have no control if they give Henne a playbook of what he chooses to do with it...