Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tony Sparano spoke to the press this weekend. He made two comments
that were worth considering: he essentially expects Henne to be the
starter (how could he not, considering the lockout and the lack of
depth this team has at QB), and that the offense that Daboll runs is
essentially the same as Hennining's but with a few "tweaks" (now
there's a shocker).

And Jeff Ireland said he doesn't expect to be able to get a breakaway
runner during whatever passes for free agency; instead he will get
another big back, and didn't rule out Williams or Brown.

So reading between the lines, its as I've been saying since January:
you are basically going to see a re-do of 2010 with this Dolphins
team, Yay?

Speaking of QBs, Chad Pennington will be a TV analyst next season, so
forget thoughts of him being a backup or a coach.

As for the CBA, those mediated sessions have been going relatively
well, with the people in the room being civil. But. There was one
instance last week where the lawyers came in and there was a LOT of
tension, even a little shouting. Cooler heads prevailed and they got
back to work without them.

Now several owners have said that they don't like the way the
negotiations are going because they don't think they'll get what they
want, and at least one owner has said he wants the CBA to include
something that the cap goes down if there's another downturn in the
economy - so the players shoulder some of the burden of a weak
economy. And we still have internal strife with some of the small
market teams feeling their voices aren't being heard, and they will be
hurt in this deal.

The players haven't had much to say - yet - but I would expect that
the lawyers will have some issues with a couple of items once they see
the whole package.

How long that initial proposal will take (or even if one will be
forthcoming) is debatable. But the 3-judge panel that heard the
appeal on the lockout re-iterated that these sessions need to conclude
soon or they will rule in a way that benefits no one. It could very
well mean that they'd tell them the lockout will last for an
additional 30 days then be lifted. That would mean a mad scramble, and
there would certainly be lost games.

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