Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quit Dreaming!

I know, I know.  There's not much happening in football, and its easy to start letting your mind wander - and think "what if?...."

But I'm going to be the voice of reason through all of this talk, and tell you two things I am certain about:

(1) The Dolphins are not going to pick up a veteran QB who is a threat to Chad Henne - someone he would be looking over his shoulder at, or who fans will clamor to start.  They will get a decent guy who wasn't a recent starter.  His job will be to back up Henne.

and (2) they are NOT going to trade a draft pick for ANYBODY.  Sparano & Ireland covet picks, and won't give one up to get a guy.  It just won't happen.

Also, I saw an article the other day that suggested the Fins bring back JT.  I don't believe that will happen - the way that ended, and how JT was "left out" of captains meetings says a lot about how that relationship stands.
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(1) They will bring in someone who will truly give Henne some serious competition...THEY HAVE NO CHOICE!

(2) They SHOULD NOT give up draft picks....

(3) JT is a trader!


(1)They WILL NOT bring in a veteran QB to compete with Henne...I AGREE.

(2)I agree they won't trade picks.

(3)JT is NOT a trader, he did what he had to do after the treatment he received by the Phins. He still wanted to play. What should he have done, not played because the Phins didn't want him. Don't be a complete knucklehead. JT is the man and I pray they allow him to play one more year and retire a Dolphin. He deserves that courtesy considering all the years of loyalty and as kicking he gave the Phins Nation.


(1) They will not bring someone in, and if they did, do we really need another poor performing QB on the roster?

(2) Agreed, please, please, please, no more Speilman-like moves.

(3) JT who? Sorry folks, but the moment he signed with the Jets was just to much for me to bear or ever forgive. I'd rather see him retire a Jet rather than a Dolphin...

(4) ...Let the name calling begin. :)


JT was never left out of captains meetings. Joey Porter was.


So Jose, you're telling me that JT should have just not played and retired last year rather than play for the Jets? This is a business my friend and if you can play, you play. I am a diehard Phins fan and I felt betrayed by the Dolphins organization last year more than JT. I hated to see him play for the Jets and was pissed myself last year at first. However, you can't blame him. He wanted to play and went where they wanted him....unfortunately it was the Jets. JT needs to retire a Dolphin to make all his years he played so hard for them count. Loyalty is a rare thing in sports these days and he may have played for the enemy but they sort of forced him in that direction.


You are correct. It was J Peasy who was left out. However as I recall the dolphins limited his role and stopped talking to him. Or something of that nature.


Efree73 - Jose may or may not being saying that. But I AM saying that wholeheartedly. JT going to the jets totally taints his legacy and he can be in their ring of honor. I don't want him here. Good riddance.

He had time on his side and didn't need the money. He could have waited it out and come out completely on top.

But whatever. It doesn't matter what I think. And I still say there's no way the fins sign him.


Efree73, I respect what your saying and agree that the game is ultimately a business. However, from the purely "fanboy" point-of-view, how can JT be excused from his decision. I hold no ill will towards him (or anyone), but he decided to sign with another team, a team he knew was the most reviled and hated above all for a Dolphins fan.

Dan Marino, if I recall correctly, toyed with the idea of becoming a Viking. If he had done that it wouldn't have mattered to me. If JT had done that - it wouldn't have mattered. But no, it was the Jets, the stinking Jets.

I respect JT, wish him well, and hope he and his family live happily ever after (really, no sarcasm here) but return as a Dolphin - to retire? No amount of PR spin from the Dolphins organization can fix that. No thanks.