Thursday, June 23, 2011


A couple of things we think we know about the latest proposal:
  • The owners are willing to share all of the profits (and not take the billion off the top) in exchange for a slightly higher split
  • A rookie wage scale would be implemented
  • There would be a much higher cap floor (meaning teams have to spend very close to the cap)
  • There would be more stringency around the cap, and cap hits (keeping some of the funny accounting away)
  • All players would be free agents after 4 years in the league
  • The 18 game schedule is still on the list, but still is being negotiated (interestingly, I read a comment from one analyst that suggested maybe a 17 game schedule is a possibility, with a neutral site game to help "grow" the sport in other cities)
  • There would be a little extra money going to the retired players and to funding research into injuries (ie, head trauma)
  • Owners would now shoulder the burden of renovations to their facilities based on the extra money they make

Now whether this goes anywhere or is agreed to ... who knows?

But these were the main sticking points, so its good to have some direction...
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Of course no lower ticket or authentic jersey prices.


Of course not! And that's why my "unwavering support" is wavering. :)