Sunday, May 01, 2011

Typical sentiment

As usual, the Dolphins told us that the draft went exactly as planned, and they got what they wanted.

The furious enigma (Ireland) said of the day "We got a lot better today" which is kind of amusing, since really the later round picks are used to fill out a roster, and usually do nothing more than play a special teams role.  Then again, if I think back to that Patriots game last season where special teams was like watching the clown act at the circus, I guess signing frisbee dogs would have elicited the same response.

The Bootin' Bull said "We addressed our needs."  Never mind that they actually needed a QB of course.  No, their needs were to ensure that they could get a couple of blockers and hand the rock off to a big back to get them 3 yards, while the entire defense stands within 3 yards of the line of srimmage and dares the Dolphins to pass it (and even if they do try, Henne will get sacked or throw a pick 6).

Look, on paper, maybe the Dolphins get a B for their draft because they addressed general needs.  But this organization is likely to find a way to not use them effectively....

I'd personally give them a C, because of that.  I have no faith that they'll get any better as a result of the draft.

I said in a comment to a previous post that I know they had a lot of needs to fill, and you can't do that in one draft.  But remember that this is year 4 for "Parcells guys" and they jettisoned everyone who was here before them; that is a problem of their own doing.  By the 4th year, they should be in a position to turn the corner, not looking to fill so MANY gaping holes.
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I would say a solid Defense and a good run game will get them to the playoffs with Henne. Now with a better offense just by having more talent and weapons "SHOULD" help Henne play to his top potential.

I look forward to him getting this last year to prove himself they have invested a lot of time in Henne.


It seems like Henne will have that chance to prove himself. Go ahead Chad, and prove me wrong.

As for defense and run game, IMHO that's an old mindset; it started to change in the 90s. I don't believe that's true any more. You have to have a passing game to win a championship and a good defense can help you.

The Ravens were the only team in recent years to win a championship with defense and a run game. And the main reason was because their defense was ELITE, as in top 5 in the history of the NFL.


Let's see how things turn out with the added talent they have provided Henne....


And a new OC, who hopefully have the balls to actually "PLAY TO WIN!"