Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Interesting turn of events

The NFL has started to map out what the plan would be for free agency, should the lockout be lifted...

Although full details haven't been revealed, we do hear that there will be some rules around eligibility, chief among them is that a player would need to have 6 years of credited service to become a free agent.  For the Dolphins, that would take Paul Soliai off the market.  And as we hear it, Ronnie Brown might get caught in another rule that would nullify his plan to be a free agent.

We'll see.

It will all be very interesting...
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Now this is a post I can enjoy....great reporting.....

More of this and a little less bitchin Dave....



do you have a source for this information?



Ronnie would become a restricted fa correct? And if Soliai is off the market can we rescind the franchise tag?